Appalling Refusal

Christians are dying, and President Obama is stalling.

ISIS – the Islamic State – is waging an absolute genocide against Christians. Missionaries are beheaded, mothers and daughters are sold into sex slavery, and boys are cut in half because of their Christian faith.

Yet, appallingly, the Obama Administration is refusing to recognize ISIS’s atrocities against Christians as genocide. In fact, the White House just turned the decision over to “lawyers” because it’s afraid of the “legal ramifications.”

The Obama Administration is ignoring the facts – Christians are being massacred. It’s afraid that recognizing the genocide will “legally” require action.

Yes, Christians dying requires action. Beheadings, rape, and torture require action.

We’re taking direct action. We’ve sent legal letters to the Obama Administration and assisted in securing genocide recognition in the European Parliament. Now we’re preparing critical legal documents at the United Nations, demanding action to stop the genocide and defend Christians.

Take action with us before it’s too late.

Sign Our Petition: Recognize the Genocide; Protect Christians.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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