The Truth about the Anti-Trump Chicago Riot and Those Blaming Trump for that Riot in 4 Minutes

Sons of Liberty-I’ve always enjoyed reporter Paul Joseph Watson’s comments and for the most part found that he breaks a lot of stories, plus I like his British accent. He posted a video today following the Chicago rioting at the Donald Trump rally that is excellent and everyone should take notice.

I just have one question before I point out in the article some of the things that Watson says in his video and the question I want you to consider is this: Does anyone else find it coincidental that after so many political elite and donors met with the apparent purpose of dealing with Donald Trump, according to Bill Kristol, just last weekend, that this would flow in its wake? Pardon me while I put 2 and 2 together.

Now, notice that the attacks did not come from those supporting Trump nor Donald Trump. They came from agent provocateurs and other leftists. They attacked police, people gathered for the Trump rally, tore up signs fired guns in the air, threatened to rape women and basically acted in a manner that takes on the character of an insurrection that should constitutionally be put down by the citizen militia.

Of course, the media and Bernie Sanders supporters said this was all an act of free speech. I don’t know where these people were when peaceful protestors stood against hundreds of armed federal agents at the Bundy Ranch in 2014, or where they were when some of those same peaceful protestors stood in Oregon against a DC criminal government that usurps its constitutional authority and grabs up land and minerals from the people. Mind you, no threats of violence took place. There were no guns fired (except by federal agents and state police, resulting in the murder of one of those peaceful protestors). No rapes occurred. Are you starting to get the picture, America? Evil has been labeled good and good labeled as evil.

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