Trump Threatens to Sue Cruz Over Eligibility

Newsmax-Donald Trump said Friday that he would sue Ted Cruz over his Canadian birthplace issue if he “doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads” in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

The front-runner said on Twitter:

If @TedCruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen.

The tweet threatens to go against Trump’s pledge not to sue Cruz on the citizenship issue that he made at last month’s Republican debate in Iowa.

“I’m not bringing a lawsuit,” Trump said. “But the Democrats will definitely bring a lawsuit. And if there’s a 5 percent chance or even less than that that he could lose, it’s a problem.”

The post also comes after several Trump supporters sued Cruz in federal court challenging his presidential run over this citizenship, The Hill reports.

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