Trump isn’t the Problem, He’s the Symptom

Center for Vision and Values-After the Michigan primary, there has been a predictable round of handwringing from the GOP about why Donald Trump keeps winning despite being neither a Republican nor a conservative. A lot of answers have been bandied about: there are too many candidates in the race; the media is too nice to him; Republican voters are stupid; it can’t continue forever.

The problem is that these answers miss the point. Trump is not the problem. He is also not the cure. He’s the symptom. The Republican Party is sick, and has been for a long time. For a generation Republican voters have consistently pulled the lever for whatever Republican has been trotted out; they are only now realizing they don’t have a lot to show for it.

Voters are angry. They are angry at President Obama for transforming America into something new. They are angry at Republican legislators for not stopping the president. They are angry at Republicans for passing massive budgets with little regard for future debt, for making miniscule attempts to reign in the executive branch, and for depending on the Supreme Court to do what they in Congress should have done. They’re angry at D.C. Republicans and donors who, in their view, think many Republican voters are rubes and simpletons, while simultaneously expecting them to turn out to vote like clockwork.

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