Robert Jeffress’ Problematic Support for Trump

Sons of Liberty-One of the astonishing things about this election cycle is the way in which evangelicals who should know better have flocked to a candidate who is a notorious and unrepentant womanizer, made a fortune by preying on human weakness (gambling), insults his political opponents contrary to the teaching of Christ (Matthew 5:21-26), regularly uses language the Bible condemns, and has never apologized to God for any of it.

This is a man who can’t stop praising the “great work” that Planned Parenthood does and thinks that abortion only represents about 3% of what it does. He thinks an appeals court judge who upheld partial birth abortion is a “brilliant” jurist who would make a “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice. He promised a lesbian activist that special rights based on sexually deviant behavior would make “forward motion” in his administration.

This makes the enthusiastic public support Dr. Robert Jeffress and Pat Robertson have shown for Donald Trump difficult to explain, and likewise the explicit endorsement of Jerry Falwell, Jr. All of this is baffling from an evangelical perspective.

I have enormous affection and admiration for Dr. Jeffress, who was a classmate of mine in seminary. He has been a frequent guest on my radio program, and I’ve admired the way he has defended our values as a contributor on Fox News. I consider him a good friend.

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