Obama’s Ally & Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Led Chicago Violence at Trump Rally

Sons of LibertyEditor’s Note: Meanwhile, even the constitutionally ineligible blame Donald Trump for the actions of lawless people. The man is simply attacked from both sides, which we all know are the same side.

When I was watching live footage of Moveon.org and Black Lives Matter et al, inciting violence at Trump’s planned political rally, on March 11, 2016, in Chicago, I could not believe my eyes. There he was in all of his infamous glory, the domestic terrorist and murder, Bill Ayers, leading the way. Will he ever go away?

I thought that I must be mistaken, however,  a search of a twitter feed revealed the same observation. Convicted felon and self-admitted Communist revolutionary, and founder of the Weatherman Underground terrorist group, Bill Ayers, and close friend and former political and financial benefactor to President Obama, was caught on camera at a political event where contrived violence was in use against Donald Trump’s candidacy.

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