Louis Farrakhan: Hillary is a “Wicked Woman”

Sons of Liberty-One has to almost laugh at the fact that someone of the wicked caliber of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan would refer to anyone else as “wicked.” Yet, this is exactly what the man did just recently in comments which he made concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton. He called her a “wicked woman” who is deceiving the Black community.

On Sunday, Farrakhan warned listeners not to fall for Hillary Clinton’s “crap,” and reiterated a theme that was pushed last week in South Carolina by a Black activist at a Clinton event in which Clinton was called on to address her claims that Black Americans are “super predators” and that he husband was responsible for mass incarceration of Black people under his three strike policy.

“How many of you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton?” asked Farrakhan. “You don’t have to raise your hands. I do not blame you for wanting a female president, but that is a wicked woman.

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