GOP Establishment Going ‘All In’ to Stop Trump

GOPUSA-The GOP establishment is going nuts. Super Tuesday didn’t go well for Marco Rubio, and it didn’t go well for any of the old guard in the GOP who hoped voters would somehow “come to their senses” and not support Donald Trump. Instead, Trump had an amazing night, and conservative Ted Cruz won three states to add to the establishment frustration.

As noted in the Associated Press story running on GOPUSA, “Republican leaders searched on Wednesday for a last-chance option that could derail Donald Trump’s momentum fueled by seven commanding Super Tuesday victories.”

Overshadowed by Trump’s wins, Ted Cruz came in a close second in the night’s delegate haul, thanks to a win in his home state of Texas. The strong showing bolstered the senator’s case to be the party’s Trump alternative, even as rival Marco Rubio vowed to continue his fight.

The unrelenting division represents the biggest crisis for the GOP in decades, with the party seemingly on track to nominate a presidential candidate it can’t control. Some party leaders are considering the once unthinkable option of aligning behind Cruz, whom many dislike, while others are talking of a brokered convention. Some influential outsiders even raise the option of forming a new party.

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