Fox SC Poll: Trump Leads But Cruz Surging

Image: Fox SC Poll: Trump Leads But Cruz SurgingNewsMax-A new Fox News poll shows that Ted Cruz is narrowing the gap with front-runner Donald Trump, and has broken out of the pack of Trump’s challengers.

With recent polls showing Cruz in the low teens, statistically tied with Rubio, the new Fox poll shows Cruz with a solid 19 percent, a significant gain since last weekend’s raucous debate in which Trump claimed George W. Bush bore responsibility for the 9/11 attacks.

Here is the breakdown of the Fox poll:

  • Trump, 32 percent
  • Ted Cruz, 19 percent
  • Marco Rubio, 15 percent
  • Jeb Bush, 9 percent
  • Ben Carson, 9 percent
  • John Kasich, 6 percent

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