America’s Balkanization Continues: Radical Left Spearheading Elitists’ Attack on ‘GOP Insurgency’

Sons of Liberty-Forget for a moment what you might think of Republican contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for better or worse. Consider that these two presidential candidates are those whom establishment elites, both Democrat and Republican, find the most odious and consider the most threatening.

First of all, in the case of billionaire Trump: Again, forget the Trump persona and his media presence over the years. Suppose he was just some relatively anonymous, fabulously rich guy with an attitude who didn’t work out of the beltway bordello. Suppose further that he was saying the same things that The Donald has been saying, and that it was resonating similarly with prospective voters. It’s reasonable to assume that voters would respond similarly, since – as so many have pointed out – Trump has not historically been connected to the conservative message. Thus, it is clear that it’s the message, not the man, that is attracting voters.

Now, picture this hypothetical individual communicating the same things coming under identical attack from power structure of both parties, key “conservative” pundits, and the press.

Voters across the political continuum would be up in arms. They would be asking who the hell these people thought they were in abandoning all discussion of the very real and grave issues facing this nation in order to convince us that this person was next in the line of succession to Satan. More importantly, the astute among the electorate would clearly see what is being so evidently illustrated by this marshaling of forces against Donald Trump: That our government has been entirely co-opted by an international socialist oligarchy for which the rule of law, the Constitution, and the welfare of We the People have no significance whatsoever.

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