UC Berkeley deficit crisis threatens its long-term stability

CalWatchDog-Dramatically reopening what had seemed to be a settled matter, the University of California at Berkeley revealed plans for a sweeping spending reassessment due to vast deficits. Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks said “the university had a ‘substantial and growing’ deficit that could threaten its … Continue reading

Utilities Commission sides with Edison over family killed by downed power line

CalWatchDog-The California Public Utilities Commission has had an extremely rough two years. Its former longtime director, Michael Peevey, is facing criminal changes for his actions in arranging for ratepayers to pay 70 percent of the $4.7 billion cost of shuttering … Continue reading

Effort underway to require legislators wear emblems of top donors

CalWatchDog-The movement to emblazon state legislators with the logos of their donors has collected tens of thousands of signatures for its would-be ballot initiative. “The measure, formally called the ‘Name All Sponsors California Accountability Reform (or NASCAR. Get it?) Initiative,’ would … Continue reading