State Auditor Report: Caltrans wasted $250k on modeling system then abandoned it

Assembly Republican Commission-California’s roads are crumbling. The situation hit a critical point last year when Governor Brown called for a special legislative session to focus on fixing our roads, yet no action has yet been taken. While Brownand legislative Democrats have focused on increasing taxes on hardworking Californians as the only solution, Assembly Republicans provided a nine-point plan that would fund necessary transportation projects with existing funds.

 The Assembly Republican plan acknowledges an issue that Democrats have continued to ignore: the systematic dysfunction at Caltrans, the state agency in charge of maintaining our roads. Last year, a report by the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office found that 3,500 positions at Caltrans are redundant and could be removed, clearing up $500 million that can go toward filling potholes. Assembly Republicans included this recommendation as a key part of its package.

 This week, more news of waste at Caltrans was reported by the California State Auditor. The report found that after promising the Legislature that it would reassess the methods it used to make spending decisions related to the Maintenance Program, Caltrans spent $250,000 to develop a new model only to abandon that model and revert back to using its outdated and ineffective methods of assessment.

 $250, 000 spent. Nothing gained.

 Levying new taxes on Californians to simply dump that money into a broken system will do nothing to fix our roads. California doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a governing problem. That’s why Assembly Republicans have demanded real solutions that can our government can deliver with existing funds.

 California State Auditor Report

California Department of Transportation: Its Maintenance Division’s Allocations and Spending for Field Maintenance Do Not Match Key Indicators of Need


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