Legislature raises CA smoking age to 21; pending Brown’s signature

CigaretteCalWatchDog-Triggering the sort of speculation about nationwide change California’s new regulations often inspire, legislators approved bills raising the legal age for smoking and vaping to 21.

“The California state Senate voted Thursday to raise the legal age to buy and use cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old,” Slate noted. “The anti-smoking legislation had already been passed by the state Assembly and is now just the governor’s signature away from making California only the second state (along with Hawaii) to raise the age individuals can consume tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.”

Domino effect

Analysts swiftly turned attention to the likelihood of other states adopting similar rules. Already, the Associated Press reported, “dozens of cities, including New York and San Francisco, have passed similar laws of their own.” Thomas Carr, the American Lung Association’s director of national policy, told the Huffington Post he suspected “Massachusetts and New York are likely candidates” to follow suit, “since their biggest cities have raised the smoking age to 21 in recent years.” But some observers, according to the Huffington Post, have noted that cigarette use tends to plunge more as a result of higher taxes than age restrictions.

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