Brown unveils governors’ energy accord

Ivanpah solar powerCalWatchDog-Gov. Jerry Brown announced on Tuesday that California joined a bipartisan, multi-state coalition promoting energy efficiency.

Brown has long pursued environmental policies — like an executive order last year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or entering a global pact to curb the rate at which the globe is warming — but by working with other states, Brown said California can benefit from a regional energy grid, can make bulk purchases of energy-efficient state vehicles, and can lobby for federal research and development funding that could fund the grid, fuel and storage.

Four of the 17 states have Republican governors, which Brown attributed to the accord’s narrow focus on energy efficiency, avoiding more contentious topics like climate change.

“It takes not too much research to notice there’s a very sharp cleavage in the United States on this issue of climate change, and it has a lot of partisan coloration,” Brown said. “So we want to move forward. We want to get done important stuff without getting bogged down in the larger controversy.”

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