Eviction of 83-Year Old Sacramento Tenant Sparks Statewide Outrage

California’s statewide tenant rights organization has issued an urgent action alert calling on a landlord to stop the eviction of 83-year old Sacramento tenant Dorothy Morris, a tenant of the Sacramento Manor senior living community in Sacramento.  Sacramento Manor issued a notice to terminate Morris’ tenancy not alleging any fault on the part of the tenant.  Instead, according the Sacramento Bee, “Sacramento Manor manager Continue reading

Rancho Cordova Code Enforcement Cars Are Fully Functioning Offices

Rancho Cordova Code Enforcement Officers’ five new cars are not only their transportation but also their mobile offices. The vehicles are equipped with laptops that connect to their virtual desktops, LaserJet printers for printing documents, and Bluetooth and USB charging for their phones. All of this allows them to complete assignments “on the spot”, enabling them to provide fast and efficient customer service that saves time and money for the City and their clients. Continue reading